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Unlock the potential of your Southport business by investing in our results-focused SEO services. In today’s digital age, where Google is the primary source of information, it’s crucial to position your website in front of your potential customers as they scroll. At 3W Consulting, we understand the significance of a robust SEO strategy in driving visibility, traffic, and ultimately, sales for your Southport business.

At 3W Consulting Ltd, our clients’ success is our priority. With a wealth of experience spanning various industries, we bring tailored SEO solutions to enhance your Google ranking and overall online presence. Whether you’re seeking improved visibility locally or expanding your reach in the global marketplace, our SEO expertise is tailored to meet the unique challenges of your Southport business.

Boutique Dental 23Boutique Dental 23
09:21 27 Jan 22
We have been working with 3W Consulting for a number of months now and are very pleased with the work they do for us. They have improved our website and SEO dramatically and the service they provide is great .
Dave GrimeDave Grime
18:06 01 Mar 21
I cannot recommend this company enough! They have totally revolutionised our online marketing and we have seen a dramatic increase in both online sales and telephone enquiries since we started to use them.They are very knowledgeable and will tell you exactly what needs to be done to improve your website's ranking. We also had our website redesigned by them which was also a massive improvement on the one we had had done not 12 months earlier. By having this company redesign it, enabled them to write it so that it was more searchable by the search engines.I definitely give the company 10/10David GrimeManaging DirectorGlazing Systems Ltd
alec hillalec hill
14:10 23 Aug 18
after years of a do it yourself approach to google adwords we decided to seek the help of an adword professional, and cannot be more pleased with the results and reduction in spend on our campaign that Adrian has achieved in the last 6 months. Highly recommended
Christine FosterChristine Foster
07:04 09 Jul 18
Thanks to 3w interest in our website has dramatically increased and this has led to huge success. The service is outstanding and nothing is to much trouble. I cannot recommend 3w highly enough as they have made a huge difference to our business. Our level of enquiries have soared and they are always on hand with advice and guidance to help generate more interest and present our website in the best possible way. It's a personal and highly professional service which continues to generate and increase our business. Could not be without them now. I would highly recommend them.Christine FosterGrooming ManagerAnrich
Steven BlackmoreSteven Blackmore
15:46 06 Jul 18
3W have managed, firstly a PPC campaign, and now our SEO, which has seen us rise up to the search rankings and helped to generate new business. Highly recommended if you want to grow your business.
15:38 06 Jul 18
Been with 3W for many years now and has transformed our business beyond our expectations. Best thing about it is no "account manager" or "rep" just a personal service from the same person who actually knows your business. I have and will continue to recommend 3W.
Steve SmithSteve Smith
09:00 14 Jun 17
Really helpful to me in completing SEO activities for my new website and linked social media. Already producing new business for me which is simply superb !

Importance of SEO For Your Business

Your website is a solution to people’s problems, whether it’s fixing a dripping tap or selling a house. However, if potential customers can’t find you, they won’t realize how you can help. SEO is a wise investment to improve your ranking, increasing visibility and attracting more potential customers to your Southport business.

Just as every person is unique, so is every business. Our tailor-made SEO plans address the specific challenges and market quirks of your business. We employ a variety of SEO tactics, including technical SEO, competitor analysis, keyword research, on-page SEO, content strategy, links and website authority strategy, local search optimization, and detailed reporting.

Examples of SEO Tactics

Technical SEO

Technical SEO ensures that your website meets the technical requirements for a website to rank well with Google. Poorly constructed websites with technical issues will be penalised by Google.

Competitor Analysis

Understanding what your competitors are doing is extremely important. We carry out detailed competitor analysis so that we can advise on what will set you apart from your competitors.

Keyword Research

Keywords are the words that people use to find the solution to their problems. Researching how people search for terms is important. In-depth research will ensure that your keyword strategy is finely honed to target your potential customers.

On-Page SEO

Each page on your website gives you potential. On-page SEO enhances each page to maximise your opportunities. This involves creating meta descriptions and title tags to improve your on-page SEO.


Content Strategy

Content is king, and being seen as an authority in your field will set you head and shoulders above your competitors. Building an ongoing content strategy will give you credence and create trust with your potential customers.

Links & Website Authority Strategy

Website authority is a metric that is used to assess how well a website should rank. It is a useful tool and can help to measure and monitor the success of your website. Building good pertinent and on-topic internal and external links can help to boost the visibility of your website.

Local Search

Local search is all-important for businesses operating within a geographical area. Using a combination of tools, we can increase your local visibility ensuring that you are found by the people within your target area.


An integral part of good marketing is measuring and monitoring. Our reporting will show you the results that your SEO investment is bringing you. It also allows us to alter our SEO strategy based on real-time figures, giving us a reactive and responsive way to adjust to any changes in the marketplace.

How Can Our SEO Consultants Help?

SEO is complex and ever-changing. Our professional SEO consultants immerse themselves in the world of SEO, staying updated on Google algorithms and reacting to changes. By outsourcing your SEO to us, you gain a dedicated team channelling their knowledge into your business, allowing you to focus on serving the new customers we’ll bring to you.

Why Choose 3W Consulting?

Choosing an SEO company can be overwhelming. Avoid those promising instant solutions at unbelievably cheap prices. Opt for experience, a company that listens, measures, monitors, and adjusts its SEO strategy accordingly. Choose a company excited about your sales growth, working collaboratively with you—choose the team at 3W Consulting.

Explore our case studies to see the achievements of companies working with us, whether they are national or local businesses. If you want to discuss your Southport business, call us today at 0151 662 0365

Case Study

825% Increase in organic traffic

Southport SEO FAQs

What does SEO stand for?

SEO stands for “Search Engine Optimisation”. The “Optimisation” is the work that takes place, to have the website rank higher and acquire more traffic via the various “Search Engines”, such as Google, Bing and DuckDuckGo. It’s hoal is to get your site to the top of the various search engines, where users across the web are more likely to find you.

What is SEO's Place in marketing?

It is a longer-term strategy aimed primarily to the top of the marketing funnel, to raise brand awareness and increase traffic to your website. At this stage, other marketing strategies such as Email Marketing and CRO are used to convert that traffic into leads and sales. PPC is often used alongside SEO to gain short-term results while the organic pages gain momentum. However, SEO is also used at the bottom of the funnel and is also capable of generating sales when the relevant keywords are effectively targeted.

Are SEO consultants worth it?

If you lack the knowledge, time or experience to so it for yourself, then yes, it is worth outsourcing it to specialists, allowing you to concentrate on your business as a whole.

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