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Lions Removals Liverpool


Lions Removals are a Removals company based in Liverpool offering a full range of removals & related services. The company website was receiving a very low number of visitors and therefore no leads. 

The goal of this project was to get their website ranking at the top of the search engines in the Liverpool area, resulting in a significant increase in visitors and turning the website into their main source of new leads, removing the reliance on other third-party marketing channels.



Invisible to Target Audience

The website was pretty much invisible to people searching for removals services in the Liverpool area. This meant that they received very few website and no calls. 


Low Content

The website was very light in content and the only page that appeared in search engines such as Google was the home page.


No Related Services

Lions Removals also offered lots of other related services such as commercial removals, rubbish removals, student removals etc. These were not well represented on the website and therefore potential customers were not finding them.


Technical Issues

The website had many technical issues that was holding it back, such as the platform it was built upon was not great for SEO, and the website was extremely slow.

Removals Stats



New Website

The website was copied onto a new platform to ensure that we had a stable SEO foundation to work on, removing the obstacles that the previous system contained. 


Keyword Research

We completed detailed keyword research to identify the keywords that people are using to search for removals companies, and also completed competitor analysis to identify opportunities. 


Additional Website Content

The clients website only had a few pages limiting it’s ability to attract relevant visitors searching for their services. New pages were created & optimised which then started to attract new visitors and leads.


Link Building

We then worked on additional Local SEO tactics to promote the website and create more authority to ensure that we hit our goals.



Organic Traffic


Monthly Leads


Conversion Rate


Page Views


We are a removals company based in Liverpool. Tackling the internet market was what we needed to do to take our business to the next level and in a way, to modernise. That was when we approached 3W Removals.

3W Removals guided us through the process of building a website from scratch, and getting that website found. Their approach, guidance and knowledge has been pivotal in us making that break into the online world. Our business has undoubtedly grown al lot since approaching them for help.

We would recommend their services and thank them for their continued support.

Matt – Lions Removals