Case Study
Veterinary Services



Northwest Referrals are a local company based in Wigan that offer Veterinary scanning services and specialist surgery services for clients both locally and from around the UK. Initially we provided paid advertising services to help them attract customers quickly as they had little organic search engine traffic.

The goal of this campaign was to get their website ranking at the top of the search engines both locally & nationally to create a significant increase in website visitors from the organic results. The aim was to turn this into their main source of new leads, removing the reliance on paid search engine systems such as Google Ads.



Little Organic Search Traffic

This website was relying on PPC Ads for business as it wasn’t well optimised for competing within the search engines, and therefore receiving low visitor numbers from this channel. 


Low Content

This website only had a few pages limiting its opportunities to attract the types of people that were actively looking fpr their services online. 


Reliance on Paid Traffic

Northwest Referrals main source of website visitors and leads was paid search engine traffic, which helped identify the potential visitors numbers an SEO campaign could expect to achieve. 


Technical Issues

The website had some technical SEO limitations as a result of the platform was built upon.

Northwest Referrals Stats



New Website Build

The website was redesigned and rebuilt on a new platform to ensure that there were no SEO limitations to prevent the success of the campaign. 


Keyword Research

Using the PPC campaign data & additional keyword and competitor analysis, a comprehensive list of keyword targets was created to focus on. These formed the core focus of the SEO campaign and weaved into the website where possible or onto new content pages.  


Additional Website Content

The clients website only had a few pages limiting it’s ability to attract relevant visitors searching for their services. As part of the SEO process, new pages were created & optimised which then started to attract new visitors and leads.


Link Building

We then worked on additional tactics such as external and internal link building, to promote the website and create more authority to ensure that we hit our goals.



Annual Traffic Increases


Monthly Leads


Conversion Rate


Page Views


We have recently taken the plunge when it comes to search engine optimisation. I was concerned as our pay per click was generating a lot of revenue and we didn’t want to spend any more money (who does). But a great decision as we have reduced our pay-per-click costs and increased revenue at the same time. We spend hundreds of thousands throughout the year and apart from wages this is the best spent money. For every penny spent with 3w consulting we make 4000% back, this is incredible.

James – MD Northwest Referrals