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Glazing Systems are an established Ecommerce business that have been selling glazing related products online for a numbers of years. The business relied on social media and paid advertising for the majority of it’s sales, with a lesser amount coming in via organic search results.

The goal of this campaign was to work on developing the organic search channel further to become biggest contributor to online sales reducing the reliance on PPC. 



Low Organic Search Traffic

This website was relying mainly on PPC Ads & social media for sales, as it wasn’t particularly well optimised for the search engines, and therefore missing out on the potential that this channel offers. 


Low Content

The category pages and products pages were light in content and they had little other non product related pages. 


Reliance on Paid Traffic

Google Ads & social referrals were the main  main source of website visitors and sales, meaning that they were missing out on a significant amount of organic traffic.  


Technical Issues

The website had some technical issues that were limiting it’s potential to perform well in the search engines. 

Ecommerce SEO Stats



New Website Build

Initially the campaign worked with the existing website removing the technical issues identified. However the website was subsequently redesigned and rebuilt to improve the overall look and feel and make it easier for customers to find what they needed and checkout with ease. 


Keyword Research

Using the PPC campaign data & additional keyword and competitor analysis, a comprehensive list of keyword targets was created to focus on. These formed the core focus of the E-commerce SEO campaign and weaved into the website where possible or onto new content pages.  


Additional Website Content

We implemented a strategy to improve the product and category page content on a priority basis, and optimise them to compete in the search engines for their target keywords. 


Link Building

We then worked on additional tactics such as external and internal link building, to promote the website and create more authority to ensure that we hit our goals.



Organic Traffic Increase


Monthly Sales


Conversion Rate


Page Views


I cannot recommend this company enough! They have totally revolutionised our online marketing and we have seen a dramatic increase in both online sales and telephone enquiries since we started to use them.
They are very knowledgeable and will tell you exactly what needs to be done to improve your website’s ranking. We also had our website redesigned by them which was also a massive improvement on the one we had had done not 12 months earlier. By having this company redesign it, enabled them to write it so that it was more searchable by the search engines.
I definitely give the company 10/10 

David – MD Glazing Systems