Local SEO Services for Efficiently Marketing Your Local Business

Don’t miss out on the power of local SEO. Local SEO connects you with the customers around you, whether you are a traditional bricks-and-mortar business, a service industry, or a national company looking to build a strong local network, local SEO will power up your business.

Local SEO is the ideal SEO service for businesses that want to target the local community in and around the towns or cities that they are located in. This is ideal for local businesses that have a physical location such as Printers, Vets, or Dog Groomers, where the main goal is to attract visitors to your local business. Whether your customer base is close to your premises, think of a docklands café, or spread out, as with rural businesses such as fishing lakes, our local SEO services can help.

This Local SEO marketing service is also perfect for businesses that serve a local area such as Removals companies, Builders, Plumbers, and Electricians. These businesses typically want local leads via their website as opposed to visitors to a local shop or office.

Since the vast majority of people now use search engines such as Google to find local businesses, it’s now essential for local businesses to have a local search presence so that potential new customers can find them.

3W have a team of experts experts with a proven track record of success ready to help your company improve their local search visibility.


Local SEO Services
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Local SEO Marketing Approach to Businesses
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Get Your Business Listed On Google Maps and Local Directories

Get your business seen with SEO. When people search for a service or a shop Google shows them businesses on a map and local listings. Indeed, 30% of mobile searches contain a location within the search, so ensure that the people that want you, find you. Marketing is all about telling people who you are, what you do, and where you are. If we can work with you to build a local search engine optimisation campaign targeted in and around Liverpool, we can work towards getting your business well-ranked on local directories and Google Maps. The more people that find you, the more customers it will generate. Don’t miss out on the opportunities for your business.

Local SEO Marketing Approach to Businesses

Stay on top with our local SEO process. Our Local SEO services include, but are not limited to the following:


Identifying and resolving any technical issues at the outset is key to ensuring that there are no SEO obstacles that may limit progress further down the line. We complete a full assessment of the website and also the backlink profile to understand any potential issues that may require resolution.


Your website will need to be optimised for your target location and keyword phrases to ensure that it has the best chance of being found. In addition, it needs to provide a great user experience and clearly present your products and services to your viewers.


GMB is a free service that Google provides allowing businesses the facility to set up a local business profile that then appears on Google Maps. Optimising your GMB profile is an essential part of Local SEO and done correctly will help raise your local search engine visibility.


Citations are effectively online mentions of a business name and address which then confirms to search engines such as Google the existence of a business location. A business name address appearing on reputable online websites adds to the legitimacy of a business location.






Website pages that are optimised for target locations and each of your products and services is an important tactic in Local SEO. As part of our service, we will identify and create additional pages required to attract your ideal audience.


Backlinks from other local and relevant websites are an important factor in Local SEO, to help your website appear relevant within your target area. As part of our Local Search Engine Optimisation services, we will identify link opportunities and contact these websites to gain a link.

Why Choose 3W Consulting Agency?

  • Proven results from evidence-based local SEO services
  • Over 20 years of SEO experience
  • Cutting-edge Local SEO practice from a leading digital marketing agency
  • We’ll help you own local SEO and turn leads into conversions

SEO Marketing Results We’ve Achieved 

We always work with you to build your business. Whether you need a short, sharp input to get your business off the starting blocks, or a long-term campaign to build increased revenue and client base over time, our bespoke SEO campaigns will work for you. A local children’s nursery had recently opened, but their website was ranking poorly on Google and was not showing up in local searches. Using targeted SEO based on the local town, researched keywords, and search terms, we were able to bring the nursery onto page one on Google and raise the profile on the local listings. Due to this increase in visibility, the business started to receive enquiries through their website, leading to new children in the nursery. The potential for your business lies in your hands, so make sure you make the most of it.

Let’s Get Your Local SEO Strategy Started.