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Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) Consultants

Search Engine Optimisation Consultants WiganSearch Engine Optimisation (SEO) means getting your website found by your potential clients. When a user enters a particular keyword into a search engine, having a successful and effective SEO strategy means that your website will be one of the first results that your potential client sees, thus making it a must for any business with a committed online presence.

Here at 3W we understand the value to great SEO and so will put together a strategy that could really see your online presence soar.

SEO Services

Our expert team of Search Engine Optimisation Consultants understand that SEO is a many faceted thing and that a rounded and encompassing campaign is of ultimate importance in delivering your business amazing results. As such our SEO services include, but are definitely not limited to:

  • Website Analysis – to increase the visibility of your current online presence, we can offer a range of both on- and off-site optimisation services. On-site optimisation aims to make your website more search engine friendly, whereas off-site optimisation will increase the authority that your website has within search engines.
  • Keyword Research & Positioning – we will work closely with you to identify your potential market(s) and find the keywords that are most associated with that. We will strive to only optimise for relevant keywords that can translate to a real increase for your business.
  • In-bound Link Building – establishing relevant links to your website is an essential tool for SEO, and here at 3W we strive to ensure that your links are fully search engine friendly thus driving targeted traffic to your site.
  • Content Optimisation – what you website actually says is of great importance not only to your clients, but also to search engines, and we can ensure that your content is optimised and responsive for both of these.
  • Competitor Analysis – do you know who your competitors are, and how they are ranking? We can complete in-depth competitor analysis to highlight your competitor’s strengths and weaknesses and examine your web presence in comparison.
  • Social Media Profile Optimisation – an increasingly essential tool in SEO is looking at how you interact with your potential client base through social media and other online platforms. We have the expertise to ensure that your social media presence is fully advantageous for your markets.

Up-To-Date Search Engine Optimisation Strategy

We know that search is a constantly evolving field and so we ensure that we are always on top of all of the latest SEO developments and technologies. Here at 3W we are specialist SEO Consultants and so are always looking for the latest trends and procedures to keep both our practices, and your business, one step ahead of the game.

Trustworthy SEO

Also you can trust that we will never risk your business by using unethical ‘black/grey hat’ SEO practices. Some SEO Consultants will use these techniques to flood your website with keywords that are invisible to readers but not to Search Engines, this may get you short term results, but can irrevocably damage your site’s ranking and thus damage both your position and company reputation. We will always ensure that our SEO Services will give your brand an enduring and effective search engine ranking.


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