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SEO – Super, Excellent, Outstanding Way Of Getting Traffic To Your Site?

OK so the premise here, as it is for all Internet Marketing, is that if people can’t find your site Search Engine Optimisation SEO Wiganthen what’s the point of having it? Maybe you have a simple brochure site that lets people know that you’re out there, or perhaps you are the captain of an e-commerce conglomerate. Regardless, the way that we now find people, services or buy things has changed. If your target audience are unable to find you or unaware that you exist that that’s bad news for business!

Right so you’ve got your lovely site, it’s got a great design, nifty code and a fantastic user experience –  now it’s time to get it working for you, and we believe that Search Engine Optimisation SEO is a great way to do this. So, other than the obvious ‘getting traffic to your site’, what are the benefits of SEO and why should you consider SEO as part of your businesses long term marketing strategy?

  1. Results are free! Unlike with PPC advertising you are not paying for each and every time that someone clicks onto your site, regardless of whether it leads to a sale or not. All you are paying for is the SEO not the result, so one sale or a thousand all costs the same.
  2. Great conversion rates The stats don’t lie, and they say that you have a doubled click to sale conversion rate from organic search, rather than from PPC, and who are we to argue!
  3. Great ROI If you’ve got a great agency that is getting you some great SEO results, then chances are that you are already a happy bunny. And once you discover that to get similar results from other forms of online advertising you’d be paying more, I guess you’d be an even happier bunny?!
  4. Increased brand awareness People trust Google, and so the higher your name is, the more likely it is that people are going to click through to your site. Not only that, but the more times people see your name on that venerated top page, then the more their subconscious is going to remember it and equate it with quality.
  5. Quality over quantity SEO results in people finding the sites that are the most relevant to their search term, and so are more likely to convert that click into a sale. There’s no point in having a huge number of visitors to your site, if none of them are buying.
  6. Results can be permanent Once you’ve got a great site, that is well optimised and is getting results, then all you need to do is ensure that a little maintenance is carried out and that your site continues to do what you are already doing so well. Your results are never 100% guaranteed but you can allow yourself a little peace of mind.

Also here at 3W Consulting, we believe that SEO is not about tricks and ways of fooling the search engines, but it is a way of making sure that your website is delivering what people want, so that Google (or generic other) is going to associate your site with the particular search term. There are agencies out there that will use seriously unethical black or grey hat techniques to do things like flood your site with invisible keywords. This might get you a short term result, but in the long term Google (like the bookies) always wins, and you can end up irrevocably damaging your brand. Instead of this we believe in simply providing great SEO that is responsive to search algorithms and creating great websites that the search engines want to find.

To find our more why not have a chat with one of our SEO consultants who’ll welcome the opportunity to provide you with some advice and a free SEO site audit. Contact Us for more details here.

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Published Date: 1st December 2017
Category: Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)