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PPC – Why it should be part of your Marketing strategy

grow-your-businessRight then, so everybody already knows about the importance of having a great web presence. The internet is brilliant, it’s here to stay and so let’s start thinking about how we can make it work to our advantage. The key, obviously, to getting the online world working for you is to get traffic to your site. It doesn’t matter how whizzy your website is, if no one clicks on it, then there’s really very little point in having it. So how can you ensure that some of the millions of internet users decide to put their click in you? Advertising, that’s how.

Of course there are numerous different forms of internet marketing; from increasing organic search results through SEO, Social Media Marketing and Email Marketing, but today we are talking about the joys of Pay Per Click Advertising, and why it can be of such great benefit to your business.

  1. Speed – unlike SEO there is no lead-time between launching your campaign and seeing results, as soon as you have setup your PPC marketing, your ads will be live immediately.
  2. Targeted results – because there is no limit to the keywords/phrases that you can target, PPC adverts can be specified to only respond to the terms that are actually relevant to your business.
  3. Pay only for results – Pay Per Click does exactly what it says on the tin, you only pay when a user actually clicks on your advert to go through to your site, so no paying for people to choose the search result just next to yours!
  4. Budget control – PPC campaign budgets can be set to exactly your specifications (although we always recommend working together with your agency to fix your PPC budget) so you can always have total control over your cash flow.
  5. Increased brand awareness – even if a user doesn’t choose to click onto your ad, then your company name will still have been visible in a prominent location on the results page. Not only is this free advertising, but people tend to trust Google and have greater faith in those results displayed towards the top of the page. This can mean that as a result of having seen your PPC ad, users may be more likely to click on your organic search result at a later date.
  6. Local results – even if your business is dependent on a local clientele, then PPC can still be for you. Adwords and Bing can now filter your ad so that it only appears to local users. Quite possibly cheaper and more effective than advertising in your local paper!

If you want to find out more about how a great PPC campaign from 3W Consulting can really get your business soaring, call 07544 593626 or contact us. For a limited time only we are running a PPC Trial, which is ideal for small businesses that haven’t yet tried and seen what online marketing can do for them.

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Published Date: 6th July 2017
Category: Offers, Pay-Per-Click (PPC)