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How Can Twitter Help My Business?

The social media phenomenon that is Twitter now has an estimated 320 million active users twitter-image1sending approximately 500 million tweets per day. You may already be using Twitter in your personal life, but there is also a raft of businesses out there that use Twitter too. But how can sending just 140 character long messages really help your business?

There are actually a number of advantages of using Twitter as part of your business; everything from finding new customers, engaging with the ones that you’ve already got, to generating leads and sales. And it’s not as complicated as you think. Just have a look at some of our tips below and see how Twitter could transform your business.

Who to follow?

Obviously one of the main aims of Twitter is to get as many interested parties to follow you as possible, but it is also important to think about who you are following. Of course you should follow your customers, but it might also be worth following:

  • Your competitors – find out what they are doing and see if you can match or better it, or see if they have any disgruntled customers and (if appropriate and relevant) offer them help and advice.
  • Industry leaders – keep up to date with industry developments and raise your profile by engaging in Twitter conversations; if people are asking questions which you know the answer to then reply, whether or not it is directly related to your business.
  • Journalists and bloggers – these can be extremely influential, so engaging with them on Twitter via insightful and respectful comments, views and opinions can really raise your businesses profile.
  • Your Target Audience – spend some time identifying your target niche and follow these people. The use of Twitter lists is a great way to organise these so they’re easy to follow. You should try and join in conversations with these where possible and not just attempt to sell your products or services.

What to tweet?

140 characters may not be much, but it can be enough to significantly raise your profile and potentially generate leads and sales. Successful Twitter campaigns often include the following:

  • Interesting news related to your industry – don’t just limit your tweets to information that is directly related to your business, provide your followers with information that they might actually want to know.
  • Free advice – create a warm feeling about your business by providing your followers with useful information that could actually be helpful to them. If you are seen as helpful, rather than just doing the hard sell then potential customers are more likely to contact you when they do need your services.
  • Exclusive deals – promoting tempting Twitter-only deals can be a great way to hook in business.
  • Customer service – many people will now use Twitter to contact companies regarding customer service issues as it can be much quicker and more convenient than traditional methods. Make sure that you respond in a timely and helpful manner and, if necessary, take any disputes offline, or use Direct Messages to remove them from your news feed.
  • Market research – Twitter can be a great way of finding out what your customers think. You can now easily embed surveys into your tweets, or simply ask open questions, to get genuine opinions fast without having to pay market research companies.
  • Engagement – this is essential to your Twitter success. Twitter is a networking platform and should be used to meet and chat to other people. Networking is all about building relationships with people and getting to know them. Don’t just keep talking about yourself on Twitter take the time to get to know other people, and it will pay dividends in the end.

How to get followers?

You may have noticed that so far we haven’t included anything about how to get followers for your businesses Twitter account. This is on purpose, as getting engaging and valuable Twitter followers tends to come naturally from doing all of the things mentioned above. There is no point having a huge number of followers who never interact or engage with your business, so it is better to organically build up a follower base who are actually interested in what you have to say. That is not to say that you shouldn’t promote your Twitter handle though. Add it to your website, your email signature, your business cards and all of your marketing activities. Just make sure that once someone follows you they don’t regret it!

If you need any help with creating an effective Twitter strategy for your business then contact us to see how we can help you. We offer standard Twitter Marketing Packages, and if you’re interested in these please mention this blog post for a special discount.

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Published Date: 25th February 2017
Category: Twitter