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Monthly Archives: July 2017


FREE Website Consultation

At 3W Consulting we know that many small business are looking to generate more sales or Grow Moneyleads, but are not sure where to start when considering internet marketing. It’s now a daily occurrence for companies to be contacted by people offering to get their website to number one in Google. We even receive these daily by email, contact forms etc.

Marketing your business on the internet and considering where to start can be a minefield. There are so many options now available to small businesses such as Search Engine Optimisation (SEO), Pay-Per-Click (PPC), Social Media Marketing etc.

These options have various pro’s and cons, and it’s really important to understand each businesses various goals and objectives before recommending one or another.

To help small businesses navigate through this minefield, we offer a free internet marketing consultation for all businesses considering venturing into this arena. Where possible we will travel to meet you face to face or if the distance is too far we’ll arrange a telephone consultation.

What Can You Expect From A Free Internet Marketing Consultation?

  • Prior to the meeting we’ll review your existing online presence and provide feedback, including a website audit report
  • We’ll asses you competition and advise what they are currently doing online
  • Understand your business objectives and goals
  • Explain potential strategies to meet these goals

If required following the meeting we will provide information of how we can help you achieve these goals.

To book a consultation please complete the form on our contact page and we’ll get straight back to you to arrange a convenient time to meet.

Please see our testimonials page to see what some of our clients have to say about our services.

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Published Date: 22nd July 2017
Category: Offers



Why You Need A Mobile Friendly Website

These days there is more to getting your business winning online than just having a great Why You Need A Mobile Friendly Websitewebsite and a kick-ass digital marketing plan. More and more people are moving away from using laptop and desktop computers to access the internet and moving towards the comfort and convenience of mobile devices, such as tablets and smartphones. But is there anything that you need to do to make sure that you are serving these mobile users as well as those using their PC?

The answer is…. ensuring that you have a responsive and mobile friendly website.

So first of all, what is a responsive or mobile friendly website? In a nutshell it is a website that has been built to recognise the size of screen that it is displaying on and adjust the way it displays to fit that. So rather than an entire landscape web page trying to display on a tiny portrait smartphone screen, it will alter the size of images and the layout of text, call to action buttons and menu options so that they are easy to see, use navigate through.

This alone should convince you that you need a mobile friendly website, but if you need further persuasion then have a look at our list of reasons that you need a mobile friendly website below.


  • More websites are now accessed from mobile devices than from laptop or desktop PC’s. The split is currently 55% to mobiles and this trend is set to grow even further in the coming years.
  • 74% of people are more likely to return to a mobile friendly website.
  • 61% of users would bounce off from a non-responsive website.
  • 67% of people are more likely to buy directly from a mobile friendly website.
  • There is now thought to be more mobile devices in the world than people.

All of these stats just go to show that cutting yourself off from this huge and growing market is like turning away over half of your customers before even letting them in through the door of your shop. 

Increase Your SEO

Responsive websites tend to rank more highly on Google search results than those which are not mobile friendly. This is due to 2 reasons; firstly responsive websites will load much faster than those which aren’t mobile friendly and so will have a lower bounce rate which is taken into account when Google is analaysing your website. Also in the past many companies chose to provide 2 versions of their website; one for PC’s and one for mobile devices. However having just one single url makes it much easier for the Googlebot to crawl and then rank your site.

Increase Your Business

If over half of your users give up on your site because they are viewing it on a mobile device then it is inevitable that you will lose business.

Future Proof Your Business

With the amazing advances that we have seen in technology affecting the way that users will view your website, having a responsive site will ensure that you will be able to keep up to date with any future technologies. Because responsive websites will base how they are displayed on screen size they are being viewed on, it means that they will still be able to be easily used regardless of how they are accessed – just as long as it still has a screen that is!

Is My Website Mobile Friendly?

To check and see if you’re website visitors can view you website on mobile devices, you can test it useing the free Google Mobile-Friendly Testing Tool.

For more information about creating a responsive website that really works for you, contact the experts at 3W Consulting today, and speak to our Website Design team.



Published Date: 19th July 2017
Category: websites



PPC – Why it should be part of your Marketing strategy

grow-your-businessRight then, so everybody already knows about the importance of having a great web presence. The internet is brilliant, it’s here to stay and so let’s start thinking about how we can make it work to our advantage. The key, obviously, to getting the online world working for you is to get traffic to your site. It doesn’t matter how whizzy your website is, if no one clicks on it, then there’s really very little point in having it. So how can you ensure that some of the millions of internet users decide to put their click in you? Advertising, that’s how.

Of course there are numerous different forms of internet marketing; from increasing organic search results through SEO, Social Media Marketing and Email Marketing, but today we are talking about the joys of Pay Per Click Advertising, and why it can be of such great benefit to your business.

  1. Speed – unlike SEO there is no lead-time between launching your campaign and seeing results, as soon as you have setup your PPC marketing, your ads will be live immediately.
  2. Targeted results – because there is no limit to the keywords/phrases that you can target, PPC adverts can be specified to only respond to the terms that are actually relevant to your business.
  3. Pay only for results – Pay Per Click does exactly what it says on the tin, you only pay when a user actually clicks on your advert to go through to your site, so no paying for people to choose the search result just next to yours!
  4. Budget control – PPC campaign budgets can be set to exactly your specifications (although we always recommend working together with your agency to fix your PPC budget) so you can always have total control over your cash flow.
  5. Increased brand awareness – even if a user doesn’t choose to click onto your ad, then your company name will still have been visible in a prominent location on the results page. Not only is this free advertising, but people tend to trust Google and have greater faith in those results displayed towards the top of the page. This can mean that as a result of having seen your PPC ad, users may be more likely to click on your organic search result at a later date.
  6. Local results – even if your business is dependent on a local clientele, then PPC can still be for you. Adwords and Bing can now filter your ad so that it only appears to local users. Quite possibly cheaper and more effective than advertising in your local paper!

If you want to find out more about how a great PPC campaign from 3W Consulting can really get your business soaring, call 07544 593626 or contact us. For a limited time only we are running a PPC Trial, which is ideal for small businesses that haven’t yet tried and seen what online marketing can do for them.

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Published Date: 6th July 2017
Category: Offers, Pay-Per-Click (PPC)